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Dance 1-4, Dance for Athletes, Dance Team Prep, Scarlets

Welcome to dance class at Weiss!

I hope you're excited to be here, because we are excited to have you! You get the unique opportunity to dance during the school day (and we have the unique opportunity to teach dance for a living)-- THAT'S PRETTY AMAZING! Dance is an art form that shaped our lives tremendously, and it is our hope that you discover an appreciation for dancing, just like we have!


This newsletter will serve as your syllabus. It is full of important information that you will be able to access throughout the entire school year. Feel free to share it with your family and even your friends who might be interested in taking dance at Weiss.



Elise Padilla

Dance 1, Dance 3-4, Dance Team Prep

Director, Scarlets Dance Team

Lindsey Surles

Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance Team Prep, Dance Wellness

Assistant Director, Scarlets Dance Team

What do I need for class?
(Dance 1-4 & DTP)

Required- purchased through Discount Dance Supply, Target, Walmart, home, etc.:

  • Black athletic pants (no shorts or see-through fabrics)

  • Black fitted top (within dress code)

  • Half sole dance shoes or jazz shoes (no socks)

  • A composition notebook

  • Hair ties, bobby pins, headbands, something to keep your hair back with

  • Deodorant

  • Water bottle

What do I need for class?
(Dance Wellness)

Required- purchased through Target, Walmart, local clothing store, or home:

  •  Black athletic pants (No see through fabrics)

  • Black athletic top (school appropriate)

  • A composition notebook

  • Hair ties, bobby pins, headbands, something to keep your hair back with

  • Deodorant

  • Water bottle

daily routine

  • The first place you will report to is the dance room for attendance. If you are not in the dance room by the bell you will need to get a tardy pass.

  • While attendance is being taken you will write about the daily writing prompt on the board. Each writing prompt should be at least 2 sentences long to be accepted as complete. Writing prompts will be checked at the end of each grading period. 

  • Notebooks will be put away when instructed. We will then head to the locker room together to dress out. 

  • Before entering the locker room, you will put your cell phone away in your backpack.

  • You will have 7 minutes to get dressed, use the restroom, and report to the hallway by Coach Huffman's office. We will walk as a class into the dance room after getting dressed. 

  • You will return to your attendance spot to warm-up and dance. 

  • When dismissed, you will return to the locker room to change back into your school clothes. You have 7 minutes to dress out at the end of class.

  • After you are dressed, you will wait in the hallway directly outside the locker room door, by Coach Huffman's office, until the bell rings. You may take your cell phone out of your backpack at this time.

Locker Room Etiquette

  • NO CELL PHONES! Cell phones must be put away in your backpack before entering the locker room. If they are seen (even if you're not using it), it will be taken away from you and given to you at the end of the class period.

  • You must be quiet in the locker room.

  • Use the first and last 7 minutes of class to use the restroom.

  • Lock your locker after you are done using it! Things go missing, and unfortunately, items get stolen. It is called a LOCKER for a reason-- use the lock!

  • You should only keep your belongings in your locker. Other students' lockers will not be opened for you. Record is kept of which locker belongs to which person, so if you forget your combination, all you have to do is ask!

  • Your dance items should be kept in a small PE locker. If you are an athlete, you should not use your athletics locker for dance. Locker rooms will not be opened for you during dance class. This is for your safety and the safety of your teammates!

  • Keep your hands to yourself in the locker room.

  • If you would like to change privately, you may use the shower stalls in the back of the locker room. Please refrain from using the restroom stalls, because there are others who need to use the restroom.

Grading Procedures

Minor Grades (30%)

  • Daily participation

  • Notebook checks

  • Progress on large assignments or projects

  • Assignments on Canvas

Major Grades (70%)

  • Performances

  • Performance-based tests or projects

  • Writing-based tests or assignments

  • Projects on Canvas

Daily Participation Points

Dance Class expectations

1. No gum 
2. Hair must be pulled back out of your face
3. Participate to the best of your ability
4. Use the restroom while changing if you need to, but you will not be allowed to use the restroom in the first or last 15 minutes of class
5. Respect your classmates
6. Get out of your comfort zone
7. Receptive to new things
8. Communicate with your teachers, we are here to support you!
9. Have fun!

Late assignment policy (minor grade assignments and major grade projects)

1. -10 points if turned in late up to two weeks.

2. If turned in after two weeks you will receive a max score of a 50 on the assignment.

*Most assignments are completed IN CLASS. 

What to do when you're absent

1. Ask a friend what we did the previous class

2. Look at canvas for the notebook prompts that you missed

3. Look at canvas for videos of the dance we are learning

4. Get with a buddy to review choreography

5. Communicate with your dance teachers about possible Wolf Pack Time tutorials

6. If you miss any assignments, tests, projects, etc., while absent you must make it up within a week of coming back from your absence. Points will be deducted if submitted past this time. You will not have class time to work on missed assignments.

2023-2024 Performances

DECEMBER 15th, 2023

Scarlets Spring Show Spectacular
April 19th and 20th, 2023

Dance 1 DEAL
March 29th, 2024

5201 Wolf Pack Drive, Pflugerville, Tx 78660                        512-594-1454

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