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  • Do boys take dance? YES! ABSOLUTELY! Male students are encouraged to take dance, and if they are interested, to try out for Scarlets.

  • I am an athlete. Why should I take dance for my fine arts credit? You should be in our Dance Wellness class! Dance has been proven over and over again to be an excellent way to cross-train for serious athletes. We will improve your flexibility, core control (balance), footwork, overall strength, and stability. These improvements will help you in injury prevention, stamina/endurance, mobility, and agility. Your coaches will see a significant difference in your sport-specific performance if you take Dance Wellness at Weiss.

  • Does it cost money? Yes, but very little. You will be expected to purchase appropriate all-black dance wear and half-sole dance shoes. You may purchase these on your own through Discount Dancewear or local retail stores.

  • Will I have to perform? Yes. You will perform in the Howliday Festival if you are in Dance 1-4 and Dance Team Prep. You will perform dances we have been working on in class, and you will be in a large group. You will never be forced to perform a solo! By showtime, you'll be incredibly confident in yourself!

  • Do I need a physical? No. You do not need a physical to enroll in dance class.

  • What if I want to be in a more challenging class? If you are currently enrolled in Dance 1, please come chat with Ms. Padilla about potentially moving up to Dance 2-4 or Drill Team Prep.

  • I have been dancing for a long time. What should I do? You should audition for Scarlets in the Spring of 2024! We move at a much faster pace and perform much more advanced choreography. Come see us at one of our many performances throughout the year!

  • I really want to try out for Scarlets. What should I do to prepare? Join our Drill Team Prep Class! We will focus on gaining flexibility and strength while working on the skills necessary for tryouts.

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